Thursday, February 27, 2014

"I will win, I will lose" by Mario Frangoulis sung magnificently in Italian


When you are in a safe group for a long time - I was in the Legion of Christ for 23 years. In a certain sense it is easier to remain there. The prospect of so many changes, challenges and risks is threatening, even immobilizing. The temptation to "play is safe", the fear of making a mistake, often freezes you. 

That is why I like this song: life is a series of decisions, you win some and you lose some; hopefully, you are striving to be your real self, not the self someone or something else wants for you, or trying to be someone else... And funny enough, that real self is very close, or the same, as the one God wants for you -because he created you as an individual, a unique being... and free, to find your own way.  You may have been listening to false prophets, false teachers, people who thought they knew "what is better for you", or even wanted to manipulate you, abuse you, use you for their goals... Wow, now that's scary!

Ah, but you have to be quiet to listen to your real self and become aware of the sirens calling to you from the shadows; and that, my dear friend, is not easy!

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"In the dreams I dreamed as a child
I lived my life as a king
My days were filled with sunshine
and there was never any pain

I will win, I will lose
I will live my life,
I will make my way on my own.
I will win, I will lose
I will create my own path
I will play the game of life

I've had brief moments of joy,
Endless moments of boredom,
I had days full of sunshine,
I know what pain is..."


Vincero Perdero - 
Marios Frangoulis + Lyrics

Nei sogni che facevo da bambino
vivevo la mia vita come un re,
avevo giorni pieni di sole,
non c'era mai dolore.

Vincero, perdero
la mia vita vivro,
io da solo dovro camminare.
Vincero, perdero
la mia strada faro,
giochero la partita della vita.

Ho avuto brevi attimi di gioia,
momenti interminabili di noia,
ho avuto giorni pieni di sole,
io so cos'e il dolore...

Vincero, perdero
la mia vita vivro,
io da solo sapro continuare.
Vincero, perdero
la mia strada ora so,
ma da solo giochero la partita della mia vita.

Un re, io certo non saro,
eppure io vivro...

Vincero, perdero
luci ed ombre io avro,
ma da solo dovro continuare.
Vincero, perdero
la mia vita sara
come un viaggio lontano da fare.

Vincero, perdero
la mia vita vivro,
io da solo dovro camminare.
Vincero, perdero
la mia strada ora so...
Vincero, perdero
la partita giochero...
Vincero, perdero
ma da solo...


I Will Win, I Will Lose

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm On Facebook!

I have been more active on facebook that here, I confess.