Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Someone like you

The melody I can't forget and want to sing

Monday, July 16, 2012

 "Cardinal DePaolis, will you wake up and smell the coffee!"

Sorry for not updating this; but I have also been writing on Facebook, as irishmexican43.
Back at work after the trip to Montreal, CAN, where Aura and I touristed and worked at the International Cultic Studies Association annual conference.

All is well in Annandale right now; work goes on, doctors' visits take their normal course for a 68 year old white Caucasian, and I try to stay abreast of my various 'hobbies', including outreach to former members of the Legion of Christ, -this mission, begun back in 1985, continues to be my 'second vocation' with all the pains and happiness it entails. It gives me great satisfaction to learn that I have helped others 'break the bonds' of slavery to cult like groups within the Catholic Church.
Recently, the happiness has been heightened as more and more people come out of the woodwork to freely express themselves about their experiences with the repressive Legion of Christ and its Regnum Christi Movement. Much is happening now as Cardinal DePaolis, the Apostolic Delegate, tries to reform both institutions but seems to have begun on the wrong foot and continues to make a hash of things. So that is why we 'dissidents' just don't shut up. He is tip toeing around a real elephant in the kitchen and making half assed efforts instead of getting to the root of the problem -a very poisoned leadership and operational system.
"Cardinal DePaolis, will you for Christ's sake wake up and smell the coffee!"