Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Poem for Christmas [Patrick Kavanagh]

'Twas lovely to find this poem today from one of our poets, a poem simple, profound and heart felt like our people

Patrick Kavanagh poem - 'A Christmas Childhood' in Ireland

Patrick Kavanagh's poem for the ages

My father played the melodion
Outside at our gate;
There were stars in the morning east;
And they danced to his music.
Across the wild bogs his melodion called
To Lennons and Callans.
As I pulled on my trousers in a hurry
I knew some strange thing had happened.
Outside in the cow-house my mother
Made the music of milking;
The light of her stable-lamp was a star
And the frost of Bethlehem made it twinkle.
A water-hen screeched in the bog,
Mass-going feet
Crunched the wafer-ice on the pot-holes,
Somebody wistfully twisted the bellows wheel.
My child poet picked out the letters
On the grey stone,
In silver the wonder of a Christmas townland,
The winking glitter of a frosty dawn.
Cassiopeia was over
Cassidy's hanging hill,
I looked and three whin bushes rode across
The horizon - the Three Wise Kings.
An old man passing said:
"Can't he make it talk" -
The melodion, I hid in the doorway
And tightened the belt of my box-pleated coat.
I nicked six nicks on the door-post
With my penknife's big blade -
There was a little one for cutting tobacco.
And I was six Christmases of age.
My father played the melodion,
My mother milked the cows,
And I had a prayer like a white rose pinned
On the Virgin Mary's blouse.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"We wanna wish you a Merry Christmas"

It took us some time to prepare for our Christmas Greeting, hours of dancing and singing lessons, voice and language trainers in English and Spanish. "Ireland and Guatemala have talent"

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aura' Birthday 2011 - JohnPaul Lennon - Picasa Web Albums

Aura' Birthday 2011 - JohnPaul Lennon - Picasa Web Albums:

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Aura Lamboglia-Lennon, with her son, Eduardo and his wife, Cristy, their two children, Bianca and Lauren, and her other son, Leo with wife, Winie at the Italian restaurant in Shirlington, Arlington, VA