Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Gastro PUB

[Written May 29th, Dublin, 5th day of Paul's visit to Ireland]

Today Friday, my sister Carmel took the day off work at the nearby court offices to spend it with me; we have had a late and leisurely breakfast and getting ready to go out. Today I plan to visit my god daughter, niece Noelle, and her new baby, Louis, which is pronounce Louie, because the new bus system is called Luas, a Gaelic word meaning 'fast' which sounds just like Louis...
Lastnight had dinner with Carmel's daughter, Ruth, and her English boyfriend, Pete, at the Bull & Castle restaurant pub near Christchurch; the waitresses were from Spain and Poland and sitting next to us was an large Italian family. The weather was sunny all day and people were out in their summer clothes making the most of it. Pete came over from Rugby, England, to look for a job here. Not easy as the economic downturn hit here very hard too.
I am trying to promote my book with an Dublin journalist who also wrote a memoir about growing up in my old neighborhood and he is will to take a look at the book.
Take care,

On the banks of the River Liffey, Dublin

[photo of the Legendary Brendan Behan, rebellious and ground breaking inner city Dublin playright, 1940-60s]
Dublin, Thursday, May 28, 2009

thanks for that message from a couple weeks ago; all is speculation re Vat
just a greeting from the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin city centre, from my sister's little pad over-looking the river, a landmark and a heartmark for all Dubliners. Here a few days to check up on another sister, Patty, who lives an hour north of here. Sunny and breezy, around 60, people are saying summer is here. It is relaxing to be away from work, away from REGAIN, away from routine...
I'm a tourist in my own land for a couple of days, and then back home
Dear Jose,
saludos desde la orilla del Rio Liffey en el corazon de Dublin; mi hermana, Patty, esta mas o menos bien, y me alegro que haya hecho este viaje relampago a visitarla. Aqui descansando de turista en mi propia ciudad y disfrutando de la amabilidad y carinio de mis 4 hermanas y numerosa prole