Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Children for Maciel, Visitation and Communique

Hard to have a life when so much is happening with the Legion and Regnum!

As more of Fr Maciel's children appear on the scene in Mexico City, claiming their rights and their inheritance and accusing him of sexually abusing them as the UberPedophile, the Apostolic Visitators hand in their reports on March 15; on March 25 the Legion upstaged the Vatican by publishing their Communique which is one long Forgive Us

Meanwhile the blogger has to continue working, buy a new house -for almost the same price as his old one as he does not have any benefactors- and accompany his friends in the loss of a dear one...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Got house, will move!

No, no, no, something more modest. Not so far to move. Will not reveal new address to prevent Legion of Christ coming after me again with another lawsuit. Bless their souls, they acted just like Scientology. Funny how this "embittered old man" bears no resentment. They are not in my system, dear friends.

As I get my slightly bigger place to live in I remind myself and others to continue to remember the homeless and those living in inadequate housing, and to contribute to good causes such as HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, Catholic Relief Services, etc.